CDP America is a New York Based Real Estate investment firm founded by the partners behind "La Compagnie des Parcs de Bercy" and more recently "la Compagnie des Parcs" in Switzerland.

The team combines more than 150+ years in Real Estate experience and $2.6bn+ of successful transactions in countries including The United States, Switzerland, France, and the UK.

We focus on investments that offer value creation and superior risk adjusted returns.
CDP America is a family oriented investor. As such, our first and main clients are the partners and their families. Creating a natural and unique alignment with our co-investors. 



  • Targeting high density area, gateway cities and evolving neighborhoods.
  • Targeting markets with strong liquidity, price transparency and high transactional volume.
  • Targeting “income-producing” and “value-add” opportunities.
  • Identify and acquire "undercapitalized" and/or "mismanaged" assets.
  • Repositioning, redeveloping and effective management.
  • Ground-up developments.
  • Disciplined Financial approach with limited leverage.
  • Opportunistic strategy based on the right “investor specific” portfolio requirements.